Cloud Security Engineering

Are you utilizing public cloud platforms for your business needs but unsure about security? Considering cloud migration and seeking secure methods? Facing challenges with cloud security controls? Our Cloud Security engineers at NVISO are ready to assist you at every stage.

We are proud to be recognized as a Microsoft Solutions Partner with specializations in Cloud Security and Threat Protection.

Our team has demonstrated exceptional skill and expertise in these areas, achieving a high designation score of 83/100.

Our partnership with Microsoft ensures that we have direct access to the latest tools and resources, enabling us to design, implement, and manage robust security solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.

With NVISO, you can trust that your cloud environment is well-architected, secure, and resilient against cyber threats.

Our Expertise

Cloud Security Assessment

We can review your current cloud security posture, identify and prioritize risks and recommend-dations to improve your posture on your infrastructure, containers, as well as pentesting your cloud environment. 

Cloud Security Engineering

We can lead you while building applications in the cloud, integrating your mid- and long-term goals with our secure engineering skills.

Cloud Security Support

Our team of certified experts is dedicated to providing you with the hands-on assistance and strategic guidance necessary to maximize your investment in Microsoft’s robust cloud security solutions.

Our Services

Identity & Access

Secure configuration of IAM to prevent unauthorized access and enforce the least-privilege principle.

Security Logging

Logging of cloud elements available for monitoring with proper retention and log access policies.


Monitoring of suspicious activities with corresponding alerts and automated remediation.

Data Protection

Data encryption for data in rest and in transit, with adequate logging and restrict access critical data.


Secure network security groups/firewalls configuration and logging.

Web Protection

Protection of web applications and apply layered security with application gateways and WAFs.

Security Services

Enable security monitoring and threat detection by applying a fine-grained configuration of the security services.

Business Continuity

Secure network security groups/firewalls configuration and logging.


Ensure that assets are managed, security assessments performed, and patches deployed.

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Supporting our customers in their journey to the cloud

Client Success Stories

AG Insurance
Munich RE
Benoit Roosens
Head of Cloud Center of Excellence AG Insurance
With ambitions to harvest business and technology added-value offered by public cloud, AG searched a cyber security and compliancy partner to accelerate the design and implementation of solid cloud foundations, fit for regulated industries: a partnership that has been found with NVISO in 2021. Since then, NVISO foresees us with market insights, industry best-practices and practical know-how, supporting the delivery of our proportional cloud control framework. NVISO’s talent, flexibility and dedication is impressive and a clear benefit for our journey.
Munich Re Group is a German multinational insurance company based in Munich, Germany and the the world's largest reinsurer. NVISO supported Munich Re in the security assessment of their most relevant Azure Cloud subscriptions, compiled findings and associated, and prepare a detailed roadmap on improve further their cloud posture.
Assessments & Delivery
How we perform assessments


Configuration Review

During the configuration review, we meticulously assess and analyze your Microsoft 365 security settings. This crucial step ensures that your security measures are robust and well-integrated.

Technical Workshops

Our technical workshops provide hands-on guidance and training to empower your team in implementing and optimizing Microsoft 365 security features. These sessions foster a deeper understanding of security configurations.

Roadmap Definition

The roadmap development stage involves creating a strategic plan tailored to your organization's needs. It outlines the steps required to enhance security across identity, devices, cloud applications, and data.


Risk Findings

The analysis will provide a source of knowledge and recommendations of Microsoft 365.

Improvement Plan

Our security roadmap is tailored to your requirements and capabilities to increase the security posture on Microsoft 365.

Technical Debrief

The technical debrief will explain the reasoning  on the findings and recommendations.

NVISO Client Portal

  • Centralized information and support tickets
  • Streamlined Microsoft account integration
  • Dashboards and analytics for insights
  • Access to security tools and checklists
  • Efficient project management
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Other Solutions

Detect & Respond

Our philosophy is to find the perfect balance between high-end human expertise and relentless automation. 

Offensive Security

Our ethical hackers will help to increase your cyber resilience.

Application Security

Let us help you deliver secure applications while you focus on addressing client needs.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

We bring cyber security expertise to GRC, not the other way around.

Security Awareness

Our incident response and offensive security teams share their expertise with your people.


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