Security Awareness

At NVISO, we know covering the human aspect is key for a complete security approach.  We help you build and implement a security awareness plan that addresses the key behavioral changes your team needs to become not only your “human firewall”, but also your “human detector”.  And this, from management to IT operations, from your customers to your developers.

Your Challenge

You wish to raise information security awareness of your staff, your management, your IT experts, or even your customers or key suppliers.

Are you looking for new ideas? 

  • Small changes go a long way, but which small changes do your users need? Our first step is identifying the main threats for your team and your industry.
  • We know that not everybody speaks the same language. That is why we work with you to understand your audience and how to address them;  
  • We believe in an education that surprises. We combine hands-on involvement with shared real-life experiences and practical advice for day-to-day situations.  

We have assembled a dedicated team of Security Awareness professionals, that bring the expertise of our incident response and offensive security teams to your people. With one single objective: change behaviour, sustainably.  

Our Solutions

Define your Awareness Strategy 

We help create a security awareness strategy, by understanding your threat landscape, your company culture, your target audiences and channels and delivery possibilities, including those you didn’t know you had.

Run your security awareness program

We offer interim security awareness officer services, as well as phishing-as-a-Service – either as part of our CISO-as-a-Service offering, or independently. 

Simulation and Education

We offer a broad range of attack simulations, from phishing to incident response, for general audience, technical audience and managerial audiences.

Digital Security Awareness

We partner with specialized vendors for deliver interesting digital experiences, which we help you position, roll-out and support with the small things that reinforce the message and contribute to a behaviour change. 

Tailored Security Briefings

We leverage our NVISO Threat Intelligence and incident response experience to provide threat-based briefings for managerial and technical audiences. 

Memorable awareness activities

Our motto is to empower your staff: empower them to successfully identify and stop attacks in their private or professional life. To this end, we have designed simple but innovative methods to raise awareness, which we offer off-the-shelf or tailored.

Talk to an expert

Let us help to raise awareness in your organisation!

Other Solutions

Detect & Respond

Our philosophy is to find the perfect balance between high-end human expertise and relentless automation. 

Offensive Security

Our ethical hackers will help to increase your cyber resilience.

Cloud Security

Our experts in Cyber Architecture help you on your way to the cloud.

Application Security

Let us help you deliver secure applications while you focus on addressing client needs.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

We bring cyber security expertise to GRC, not the other way around.


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