Application Security

Are you responsible for creating applications in this digital world? Creating these may unwillingly expose your clients or your business to new cyber-risks. We understand cyber-security often comes on top of your other business priorities therefore we can support you in increasing the cybersecurity posture of your application. Enabling you to deliver a product having security in mind, while you focus on addressing client needs.

Your Challenge

Whether your driver is to secure the data of yourself or the data of your clients, you are being faced with the increasing complexity of cybersecurity within the applications you develop. Moreover, several of your clients are demanding you to explain how you tackle cyber security within your development lifecycle.

Are you sufficiently prepared?

  • How many of your developers are trained in the field of cybersecurity and can proof this through relevant trainings and certifications?
  • How many new threats do you include by implementing a new feature inside the application or using another third-party library?
  • How well is cyber incorporated inside your software development lifecycle and are you optimally leveraging the tools available?
  • How secure is the newly deployed cloud environment to handle data of your clients?

Our combined expertise of Application Security, Penetration Testing and Cloud Security enables us to assist you in all these areas.

Our Solutions

Secure Development Training

At NVISO we believe that training needs to be applied in a continuous manner to have the needed effects. We collaborate with Secure Code Warrior to offer continuous training in your preferred programming language, maximizing its effectiveness.

Design Reviews

We can conduct ad-hoc design reviews to identify threats and non-functional requirements for your new features or applications. We also provide coaching to enhance your development team's understanding of the design review process.

Secure Development as a Service

We offer Secure Development as a Service to enhance your development team's cyber security understanding and process maturity. Using OWASP SAMM framework, we provide a roadmap and implementation assistance, supporting security across DevOps, Agile, and Waterfall models.

Source Code Reviews

Enabling source code reviews can be a tedious task, resulting in an increased backlog without clear prioritisation. NVISO’s source code review services will continuously run using best in class tools in line with your development pipeline, while our experts prioritise the issues raised from the tools on an agreed frequency.

Application Security Testing

Our experts offer continuous or project-based security testing for mobile, web, and desktop applications. Our ethical hackers work with you to define test cases based on application threats and unique features. Test outcomes provide insights to enhance your application's security.

Cloud Security Services

As NVISO we can assist you with securely designing, operating, and managing your public cloud environments. Additionally, we can assess the current security level and propose improvement actions on a short-term and more structural level.


We thrive to be officially certified

GPEN – GIAC Penetration Tester
GXPN – GIAC Exploit Researcher and Advanced Penetration Tester
GWAPT – GIAC Web Application Penetration Tester
GMOB – GIAC Mobile Device Security Analyst
GCIH – GIAC Certified Incident Handler
RTO – Red Team Ops
RTO – Red Team Ops II
CRTP – Certified Red Team Professional
CRTE – Certified Red Team Expert
PACES – Certified Enterprise Security Specialist
Burp Suite Certified Practitioner
OSWE – Offensive Security Web Expert
OSCP – Offensive Security Certified Professional
OSEP – Offensive Security Exploitation Expert
EWPT – eLearnSecurity Web application Penetration Tester
ECPPT – eLearnSecurity Certified Professional Penetration Tester
EWPTX – eLearnSecurity Web application Penetration Tester eXtreme
EMAPT – eLearnSecurity Mobile Application Penetration Tester
EJPT – eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester
C|EH – Certified Ethical Hacker
Application Security



We drive the Cyber Security Community

NVISO’s team members are author of several community driven standards, this includes the world-known OWASP ASVS (application security verification standard), MASVS (Mobile Application Security Verification Standard) and ISVS (Internet of Things Application Security Verification Standard) used by other cyber security professionals throughout the world. 


We teach others how to hack

NVISO’s team is author of several SANS courses on Cyber-Security and specifically penetration testing, allowing us to leverage first hand new techniques on your environment and incorporating them into our methodology. 


We are experts

All NVISO team members executing ethical hacking exercises, being it on your application or your organization are well trained and have achieved several certifications in their field of expertise. Enabling them to bring top-notch knowledge to the project at hand.  


We can benchmark you

With 1000+ vulnerabilities discovered on a yearly basis, the team of NVISO can compare your cyber security posture with other peers in the market. Enabling you to benchmark your results to others in the sector.  

Do you want to know more?

Talk to our AppSec experts!

Other Solutions

Detect & Respond

Our philosophy is to find the perfect balance between high-end human expertise and relentless automation. 

Offensive Security

Our ethical hackers will help to increase your cyber resilience.

Cloud Security

Our experts in Cyber Architecture help you on your way to the cloud.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

We bring cyber security expertise to GRC, not the other way around.

Security Awareness

Our incident response and offensive security teams share their expertise with your people.


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