Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At NVISO, we strongly believe that meaningful decisions and solutions arise from a rich tapestry of perspectives and opinions.  

Embracing Differences

At NVISO, we believe that diversity is our greatest strength. We embrace differences in values, attitudes, cultural perspectives, beliefs, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities, and life experiences.

Ensuring Equality

Equality is fundamental to our culture. We strive to create an environment where all individuals, regardless of their background, feel included, valued, and empowered to reach their full potential.

Cultivating Unity

Through initiatives like NEST, our employee-led organization, we foster an inclusive environment where every voice is heard, and together, we build a company that reflects the rich diversity of our team. Join us in creating a brighter, more equitable future at NVISO!

NEST: NVISO Equality - Stronger Together!

We designed NEST to...

Increase Awareness

We're dedicated to raising awareness surrounding the vital topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion, integrating them deeply into the fabric of our core values.

Foster an Inclusive Environment

We develop and implement effective strategies and mechanisms to ensure all current and future NVISO team members feel warmly welcomed and valued.

Build a truly Diverse Company

We strive to make NVISO a company that embraces and showcases the rich diversity of its employees, attracting talented individuals from every walk of life.

At NVISO, diversity isn't just celebrated, it's woven into our core, fostering an inclusive culture where every voice is heard and valued.

Some of our activities

Inspiring Talks

Join us for insightful sessions where diverse voices in cybersecurity discuss Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Anonymous Support

An anonymous reporting avenue empowering employees to voice concerns for fair investigation.

Global Celebrations

Explore our vibrant Diversity & Inclusion Calendar, spotlighting cultural festivities worldwide.

Engaging Events

Dive into D&I-themed movie nights and international lunches, fostering fun and awareness.

Expat Guides

Our guides offer essential support to new colleagues navigating life in a new country, ensuring a smooth transition.

Become part of our fantastic team

We’re always looking for new talented birds!

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