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At NVISO, we recruit profiles ranging from interns and young graduates to experts and managers. We are searching for talented candidates with technical IT knowledge. Your interpersonal skills and "who you are" are just as important as your technical asset. Check out our job descriptions, apply, and become a stronger professional version of yourself!

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Even if your job description isn’t in this list, feel free to send your resume to joinourteam@nviso.be and become the new NVISO bird!

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  1. Application: Please send your resume to joinourteam@nviso.be.
  2. Screening: Within 5 days you will be contacted by an NVISO employee for a first meeting and we'll check if there is a match between you and us.
  3. First interview: You will be invited to meet NVISO colleagues and have a first interview combining HR and technical questions. If it's positive for you and us, then let's go to the next step!
  4. Second interview: This is the "technical" interview. We will send you a case to prepare, based on a real work situation and you will come to present it to us. You will meet several new people in order for you to learn a bit more about the NVISO colleagues.
  5. Contract proposal: If we both want to work together, we will send you a contract offer.

Why should you definitely apply?

Our people make us different, so will you. We will challenge you and will also expect you to challenge us.

See some reasons why our people love working at NVISO.

  • Top-notch atmosphere with awesome people who love getting together;
  • Our people get challenging assignments & their performance is recognized;
  • Career opportunities & be surrounded by experts in the Cyber Security field;
  • High training budget & full of learning opportunities;
  • Great employee experience.

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