NVISO experts featured in Handelsblatt
By dertischer
July 4, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that our NVISO Security experts, Désirée Sacher-Boldewin and Nico Leidecker are featured in Handelsblatt today – Germany’s leading business and financial newspaper.

The article "How Novel Cyber Attacks with AI Threaten Banks” sheds light on the increasing sophistication of Cyber Threats and the role of Artificial Intelligence in facilitating these attacks, with a specific focus on the banking sector.

Andreas Kröner and Elisabeth Atzler highlight the pivotal role of AI in cyberattacks, making it easier for hackers to identify vulnerabilities and launch targeted phishing campaigns.

Nico Leidecker (Head of ARES at NVISO), shared his insights into how AI-powered tools like ChatGPT are enabling cybercriminals to craft sophisticated phishing emails and breach banking systems with greater ease.

Désirée Sacher-Boldewin, (Head of SOC Professional Services) at NVISO, provided valuable input on the need for stronger cybersecurity defenses within banks. She highlighted the evolving nature of phishing attempts and the potential use of AI by attackers, urging banks to leverage AI technologies for their Cyber Defense strategies.

At NVISO, the ARES Team has already integrated Artificial Intelligence in our day to day work & client projects: from developing more effective Red Team payloads to making our attack paths more effective. (More about ARES here:
We understand and recognize the importance of continuously innovating in this area, so we can provide our clients with a realistic view on their attack surface against in an environment that is very quickly changing.
We are pretty excited (and at times quite terrified) about Artificial Intelligence & its impact on Cyber Security and we’re very proud to have Nico and Désirée as part of our team, showcasing their expertise and contributing to the ongoing dialogue!

To read the full Handelsblatt article (in German), please visit: 🔗

Dive deeper into the topic with the Handelsblatt Today Podcast where Andreas Kröner shares how Nico and Desiree used Deepfake technology to clone his own voice to demonstrate the powers of AI. ▶️

By dertischer
July 4, 2023


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