Security Assessments

Is your information technology environment fully secured? Do you have a view on your current online security posture? Do you know which vulnerabilities might be abused by attackers before they contact you? ... With our security assessment services, we will provide you an answer on these types of questions and we will provide you with insights on your current security posture.


Your problem

The attack surface of your company is a lot larger than you might imagine. You have a set of complex web applications, mobile applications, third party connections, guests regularly entering your offices, and so forth. Vulnerabilities may exist on any of these components, both on an applicative and infrastructural level. How do you know your network and applications are resilient against modern attacks? 

Our solution

With our penetration testing team, we will examine your custom solutions in order to identify vulnerabilities that could impact your services or your data. Within NVISO, we perform penetration tests as one of our core-business solutions. These penetration tests are performed on virtually any type of platform:

  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Thick client applications 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Internet of Things 
  • ...

For each of these types of penetration tests, NVISO has created a unique methodology and has several references that can be shared upon request. 


  • NVISO has several framework contracts with large organizations to perform penetration testing on a regular and recurrent basis;
  • Our dedicated penetration testing team has a wide skill-set that is optimized for delivering engagements in a flexible and pragmatic, yet detailed manner;
  • Our research & development teams are constantly searching for new techniques as shown on our blog.
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