NVISO is a listed SWIFT CSCF Independent Assessment Provider, as well as SWIFT CSCF Cyber Security Services Provider, reflecting our experience with the SWIFT CSCF and cyber security. We assist with implementing SWIFT CSCF controls in your SWIFT Secure Zone or perform officially-recognized, independent SWIFT CSCF assessments.


Your challenge

SWIFT wants to increase the security of the community through their CSP (Customer Security Program) and CSCF (Customer Security Control Framework) and expects its customers to comply with these ambitious initiatives.

Are you facing challenges with implementing the CSCF controls on your SWIFT Secure Zone? Do you require an independent SWIFT CSCF assessment?

Our experts can leverage their experience gained from SWIFT CSCF implementation projects in large and medium-size companies, as well as in performing independent assessments against the SWIFT CSCF.

Our SWIFT CSCF Services

SWIFT CSCF Independent Assessment

As part of the SWIFT CSP, SWIFT mandates all customers to perform an independent assessment as of July 2021. Leveraging our proven security assessment experience & our knowledge of the SWIFT CSCF, we can perform this independent assessment for you.

Our assessment approach fully complies with SWIFT requirements, and is kept focused thanks to the precise scoping of the mission against your SWIFT Secure Zone. Optionally, we also offer a review of optional controls or the integration of the exercise into an overall definition of a Cyber Security Strategy.

Our experienced audit team ensures continuous communication and early reporting of non-conformities, and provides hands-on recommendations towards resolution. Our validation process guarantees that all confirmed improvement areas have been thoroughly understood by your team before issuing you the final assessment report.

SWIFT CSCF Cyber Security Consultancy Services

NVISO has a broad European client base in the financial sector: in this context, our team  has been assisting small, medium and large organizations with the implementation of the SWIFT CSCF, and coached several clients in the preparation of SWIFT audits of the CSCF controls implementation.

Our support may include (1) the realization (or review) of gap assessments and implementation plan, (2) assistance in controls implementation and (3) quality assurance on your implementation process and activities.


  • We are financial services experts, working for some of Europe’s largest banks, but also smaller financial services organizations and fintechs;
  • We have extensive experience with implementing SWIFT CSCF controls and our team consists of experts who performed a plethora of assessments against the SWIFT CSCF;
  • We are listed on the SWIFT CSCF Independent Assessment Provider Directory & Cyber Security Services Provider Directory of SWIFT; and
  • We are a cyber security expert with deep technical roots: our clients appreciate our pragmatic approach and solution-driven recommendations.
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