Secure software development

Applications are being developed at a rapid pace, changes are being deployed to production in a continuous mode, deployment cycles are being optimized and automated, but have you thought on how to secure all these applications? NVISO's software services allow you to create secure applications as of the very first building blocks.


Your Challenge

You understand that security needs to be implemented from the start of a new project and you understand that vulnerabilities discovered in later phases of a project have an impact on the release date, the costs involved, and the complexity to eventually remediate them. 

How we can help? 

NVISO strongly believes in shifting security left, meaning we want to give developers the opportunity to create secure applications from the start. In this aspect, NVISO can help you in defining a secure SDLC process to deploy applications and can execute the specific security tasks involved in deploying applications, this includes: 

  • During the design phase:
    • threat modelling exercises;
  • During the development phase:
    • Training offered through Secure Code Warrior;
    • Continuous security analysis of released code;
    • Coaching of developers;
  • During the testing phase: performing penetration testing exercises using our assessment services.

We help you throughout the entire development process. 

Next to providing security consultancy within the development process, NVISO can assist in designing the actual process itself and help assessing and creating a secure devops environment.


  • Our experience in security assessments is transferred to earlier phases of the development process;
  • Our people have a strong background in application development, combined with security this provides a unique skillset.

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