User awareness

Investments on technical security solutions alone will not keep your company safe if your employees are the greatest risk factor. At NVISO, we know covering the human aspect is key for a complete security approach. We help you build and implement a security awareness plan that addresses the key behavioral changes your team needs to become not only your “human firewall”, but also your “human detector”.


Your Challenge

You understand that security starts with your own people being aware of the risks they face, and knowing how to defend themselves. What you need are the tools to address your users in an effective way, to achieve the changes in behaviour you are looking for.

Security Awareness focusing on changes

We want to create effective, fun programs that build conscious users. From our out-of-the-box packages to our tailored solutions, we aim to achieve small behavioral changes that go a long way in protecting your organization.

Sounds like a dream? Let us help you.

  • Small changes go a long way, but which small changes do your users need? Our first step is identifying the main threats for your team and your industry;
  • We know that not everybody speaks the same language. That is why we work with you to understand your audience and how to address them;
  • We believe in an education that surprises. We combine hands-on involvement with shared real-life experiences and practical advice for day-to-day situations.

We create a plan for you that combines your traditional communication channels with attractive actions to engage users. We work with you to identify, customize, or build material that will work for your teams. We help you to run campaigns with real impact!


  • Our experience across different security fields helps us at understanding the threats and most common attacks out there;
  • Our dedicated cyber culture team understands the latest trends in the field and how to leverage them in your organization;
  • Our structured methodology and out-of-the-box packages allow us to efficiently work with your team, regardless of your size or maturity.
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