Meet our awesome team!

The NVISO birds are Cyber Security specialists, each in their own field. They combine technical knowledge and consulting skills and fight to make cyber space a more secure place. Next to the fact that they are hard workers, they also enjoy team activities and really give meaning to "work hard, play hard!".

Our mission & our values

The NVISO mission is to be the most trusted and respected security partner in Europe for organisations in critical industries

Our team is built on the following values:

  • We are proud
  • We break barriers
  • We care
  • No BS

Those values neatly tie into our philosophy to be an innovative, trusted, and respected security partner for our clients and a great employer for our peopleWe strongly believe our people motivation and expertise is the key to success in our line of work. For this reason, we are committed to invest in our people's careers and their development by offering a high and attractive training budget. This budget can be used however they want as long as they contribute to their personal empowerment and development.

Not only training is important to make our people grow! Counseling, coaching and possibilities to take initiatives are our way of working.

 dedicated Cyber Security specialists
 fun and exciting yearly team activities
 days spent on training our team in 2021

We’re always looking for new talented NviSO Birds!

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