Cloud security Solutions

Within Cyber Architecture we developed several cloud security services that are mainly base on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.


Your Challenge

You are already working in the cloud, thinking about moving to the cloud or curious about the security controls in specific cloud environments, however you know that the real security challenge with cloud computing is the loss of control and how to validate and measure controls for visibility and attribution. We can help to tackle that challenge ! 

Cloud Security solutions 

Our services range from generic multi-cloud governance models, technical cloud policies towards defining and implementing actual security controls withn your cloud ennvironment. Within NVISO we have experience with major cloud service providers such as AWS and Microsoft Azure. Based on the security controls provided by these providers we developed the following services to enable security in your cloud: 

Secure access management 

Depending on your needs & requirements, NVISO can provide you a tailored setup towards adaptive security controls. These conditional access policies are context aware and allows you to define different risk levels and enforce the correct security controls. 

Secure Design

We can assist you with a design review or designing a new environment based on industry best practices.This includes the usage of software defined networking ( VPC, virtual networks, security group objects) within your infrastructure, mitigation components between untrusted and trusted networks to ensure that trusted systems are not exposed on the internet. Increse visibility within the cloud to detect security incidents in real time. 

Cloud Security Monitoring 

We have designed a security monitoring framework that allows you to use best of breed monitoring services. During in intial workshop we will define the treaths for your organization and specifiy the logs that are need to detect these type of threats. In this case we support the configuration of cloudtrail, cloudwatch and other AMazon tooling to detect security incidents. Within Azure we support the configuration of Security center and all advance threat prevention modules. 

Incident response 

Our inciednt response team has experience with different cloud environments. Incident response in the cloud can be a challinging task, NVISO can help to validate and align your incident response startegy and even support you in automating incident response. 


  • We have a proven methodology, designed by experienced auditors and reflecting good security practices - both technical and organizational.
  • Our team has extensive experience in cloud security both in Amazon AWS and Azure. 
  • We maximize value for money, thanks to our methodology that helps focus your efforts where the risk is higher.
  • We presented on the SANS Cloud Secuity Summit in San Diego "Mirgate to the cloud - Stay in control"

In case you have othe questions about cloud security please do not hesitate to contact us ! 

Cloud Services packages deliverd by NVISO
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